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A VR exhibition room you can create yourself.

NFT art and VR art

Decorate and set up your own space.

A VR exhibition room you can create yourself.
Decorate with NFT art and VR art and set up a unique space.



Changing the future of business in virtual space

Providing and validating a place where anyone with passion and ideas can seize the opportunity to succeed

Ideas and talents can only be given the recognition they deserve when they are known by companies and the world.

However, the reality is that without capital or resources, it is difficult for something to be recognized by society and it tends to get lost in the shadows.

We believe that if we can raise awareness of such valuable talents and products not only among those who are interested, but also among those who are not yet aware of them, the scope of opportunities will expand greatly.

DreamCrossing's goal is to create a virtual space full of possibilities, where everyone has the opportunity to achieve what they are talented at, regardless of their circumstances or resources.

Another mission is to provide many benefits to users by examining how virtual space and NFTs will be used and displayed at an early stage, a concept that is likely to have a major impact on marketing in the future.

Get started in the VR world early with DreamCrossing and discover your path to success.


How to display an NFT museum

Even if NFTs are displayed in a museum or exhibition, simply displaying artworks side by side would be an imitation of a real exhibition.

The creative presentation possible only in VR creates appeal and originality.

The first priority is to figure out how to do this.


Virtual Space Marketing

After exhibiting your work or product in a virtual space, you need to make a profit from it. To do that, the key is how to attract customers and increase sales. No one knows the answer to VR marketing yet.


Market with an eye on overseas markets

There is a tendency for people you meet online to become less connected. However, there is no doubt that in the future VR will become a place where you can meet people with common goals all over the world. It is essential to consider overseas.

Virtual space issues and solutions

Virtual space challenges and solutions


Dream Crossing and Art

The journey to becoming a place that connects businesses


NFT Art Museum


Real product exhibition

Real products

Many people know about NFT art but find it difficult to get into. Many people don't understand its merits. Meanwhile, real-world products are mainly sold in stores or online shops.

Customers of both groups seem to operate on completely different axes, but they both share the same desire to have good products.

I believe that by connecting these two, new customers, trends and opportunities will emerge.

Flowers and flowers


General user

General user

General companies

General companies

General users are not limited to creators, but also include a wide range of people, such as housewives, students, and people who cannot leave their homes for some reason.

A general company is a company that has its own services or products that it wants to promote to many people. In these two cases, users usually only receive information from the company.

However, companies can also find many opportunities and new possibilities by coming into contact with ideas from general users. We believe that connecting the two parties will greatly contribute to business development.


Cryptocurrency payments

Virtual currency payment

Real store

Real store

The last point is the payment method. Although the core of NFT is payment with virtual currency, online payment alone is not necessarily the goal.

Actions in the real world, such as getting people to visit stores, exhibitions, and events, are also very important.

Dream Crossing does not see its goal as a complete online event, but also as a place that can serve as a catalyst for connecting with the real world. The ultimate goal of Dream Crossing is to contribute to the business development of exhibitors and visitors.



Differences from other metaverses and virtual spaces

The big difference is that you can create the space you want.

Since you will be putting it together yourself rather than using a template, the key is to get the hang of how to "present" it in the virtual space.

This corresponds to the "UI" aspect of web design, but it is no exaggeration to say that it has yet to be established in the virtual world.

Therefore, it all comes down to the exhibitor's sense, and we believe this will be essential for marketing in the future.

We believe that those who are the first to master how to present their (their) products using virtual space and successful patterns for verifying user behavior patterns will be the ones who will take a major step in the future of marketing.



Price /month


Shared Land Plan

Multiple people can display their own NFT works and products in one exhibition space.

All you need to do is send us a photo and details of the product.


Unique space creation plan

You can register your own NFT works and products through the management screen and rent your own space.

Enjoy a customizable space.


Support Plans

This service includes four email support per month. This support service allows you to not only register NFT works and products from your own management screen, but also customize them.


Plan with product/work page

We provide email support four times a month and create a product page for you. This is a support service that allows you to not only register NFT works and products from your own management screen, but also customize them.


Introducing NFT ART

Introducing works created using generative AI.


Plants and Butterflies

A tree fairy wearing a butterfly. It announces the arrival of spring. Its standing posture is reminiscent of a refreshing breeze.


Waiting for Winter

Feeling the cold air, the leaves scatter.

Prepare for the next season and switch your mood with Rin.


Awaiting the Light

A shining fairy. Since it is dark around her, she is patiently waiting for it to get brighter.


Flowers of the Ice World

Not a fairy, but a flower.

The image is that there are glamorous elements even within the ice.

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