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About Us

We have been involved in web marketing and web production.

In particular, AI is developing rapidly in the field of web advertising, and continues to produce results with astonishing performance and speed, far better than humans could do manually.

However, the foundation of such learning is individual action and the provision of information.

In other words, a single company cannot compete against the power of a major database, and the system is set up so that money will continue to be paid to whoever is first to expand the market.

Virtual space, NFTs, AI art, and the like have not yet reached the point where any company has created the systems to implement them.

The Web3 era should be an era of individuals who, using their own power, can promote their own appeal while protecting their personal information.

As we move forward into this new era, we want to build a system that allows us to increase sales through our own efforts, and think about and implement a system that ensures equal profits.


Dream Crossing: Early VR Experiments

Virtual Space

Dream Crossing's ultimate goal is to be a bridge between businesses and individuals, introducing an on-the-spot payment system that will allow purchases to be made with virtual currency while also introducing a system that will direct customers to physical stores.

At the same time, we are also considering using the system that allows exhibitors to create their own exhibition venues to test what kind of traffic flow and layout will encourage visitors to make purchases in a virtual space and make the exhibits look attractive.

I believe that by combining these elements in a complex way, we can provide hints for the future of marketing.

Web marketing knowledge in VR

Our business is centered on listing ads, landing pages, and web design, and we also provide services that provide virtual spaces, so we aim to use our knowledge of online marketing to verify next-generation marketing.

The challenges of virtual space cannot be fully understood until we actually set it up. To be honest, I feel it is extremely difficult.

There may be times when it is trial and error, but we hope to share our success stories and leave a meaningful legacy of new sales methods that will emerge in the future.

Marketing Staff

Business Contents


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Virtual space management

Develop and operate your own virtual space. Identify issues and make improvements during operation.

VR Marketing

Research into what services, pathways, and businesses are being conducted within the metaverse space

Web Design

Web design using WIX allows us to create high-quality designs at low prices.

Listing advertisement

We have a lot of experience in managing schools, education, and certification-related businesses.
Using AI, we have a proven track record of increasing inquiry rates by 165%.
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