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Creatively exhibiting NFTs in VR

The best way to sell your NFT creations is to list them on an NFT marketplace.

However, it can be difficult to express your individuality in a store filled with multiple images.

Since you are selling your work using new technology, you would want to create a unique worldview with a new way of presenting it.

The way artworks (and of course non-NFTs) are displayed varies from NFT museum to museum.

This service can be freely placed anywhere in space.

So your imagination will shape the museum, whether that be framing the artworks or creating a path with them.

How to display art

Real products in virtual reality
NFT Museum

There are several services that allow you to create a museum by displaying the NFTs you have purchased and your own works.

You can create your own unique space, so your visitors won't get bored and you can customize it to your liking.

Currently, we do not accept cryptocurrencies on this site, so if you provide a link to your own sales site, you will be able to direct customers to purchases.

What is the NFT Art Museum?

Challenges of exhibiting NFTs in a virtual space

Among the many virtual exhibitions of NFT art and artworks, was there one venue that caught your eye?

It's hard to be moved by a world that is nothing more than paintings hanging on the wall when viewed in a virtual space.

So, what are the correct answers and challenges when it comes to exhibiting NFT art in a virtual space?

The challenge is that there is no clear answer to how to display exhibits, and the answer is that there is no correct answer.

It all depends on the exhibitor's sense.


NFT challenges

Consider how you will place your artwork.

In a virtual space, there is no need to place works one by one in the order they would in a normal exhibition room.

It is also possible to install one at an angle or high up on the ceiling.

The unusual arrangement of the pieces helps create a unique worldview.

Difficulty in arranging things in VR


What's important is the benefits that users can gain from using virtual space.

When exhibiting NFTs, one of the benefits is the excitement that comes from viewing an NFT work in a three-dimensional space.

In the purchasing store where NFTs are displayed side by side, you can only view the work as a single image.

We need to create the kind of excitement that can only be experienced by visiting an online, virtual museum.

The meaning of seeing NFT exhibits


UI refers to ease of use for users, which is mainstream in the world of the web.

This refers to a variety of things, such as viewing order, ease of use, and button design.

The UI is not standardized in the virtual space. I have looked at various services, but there is no consistency.

The artworks and walls need to be arranged so that users can intuitively know the order in which to view them, but the answer is probably not yet known.

UI in VR


When you look at an NFT exhibition or a virtual museum, do you ever feel like the space is an imitation of the real world?

There's no need to bring the real into the virtual.

If you are holding an NFT exhibition in a virtual space, it would be effective to display the items in a way that has never been seen before.

What that is will depend on the work and the artist's heart.

The interweaving of artworks and traffic


Even though it's a virtual space, it's not that different from designing a store.

The store is designed to make it easy for customers to walk around the store naturally.

Similarly, in virtual spaces, it is important to design in a way that places the things you most want to show in a way that makes people want to visit.

Research on traffic flow design










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